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Petition "Grant Russian Refugees humanitarian protection!"

To the U.S. Government

To the European Union

To the democratic nations worldwide

We, people around the world, are showing our solidarity with Russians protesting against Putin’s regime and aggressive war in Ukraine.

In light of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, Putin initiated partial military mobilization, forcing hundreds of thousands of men to go to war with Ukraine despite their anti-war beliefs. For these men, refusing the draft or openly protesting will result in imprisonment, leaving them no choice but to flee the country. 

We are calling upon your immediate assistance in implementing the following measures: 


1. To ensure that Russian nationals and their dependents present in your countries are not forced to return to Russia, including the designation of Russia for Temporary Protected Status (United States) and other protective measures.


2. To expedite asylum applications for Russian nationals and their dependents;


3. To simplify procedures for obtaining humanitarian parole for Russian nationals and their immediate relatives seeking refuge to avoid the military draft and escaping from repressions

(e.g., Uniting for Ukraine Program in the U.S.)


Forcing Russian nationals to return to Russia and/or not providing temporary protection for them, including refugee/asylee status, in the midst of severe political repressions and the active draft campaign would be inconsistent with your democratic values and national security interests. 


We urge democratic countries to provide refuge and temporary protection for Russians and their dependents fleeing Kremlin’s severe political repressions and the active draft campaign.

Link to sign the petition

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